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I'm Karlee!

I'm the friend that probably goes a little over the top when it comes to gifting, giving, or making your day super special and arguably a little cringey! 'Too much' doesn't feature on any scale of mine. 



I'm here to spread the joy of gifting as far and as wide as possible. Seed a Smile was born at a sad time for me, and it was my mission thereafter to do everything I could to make sure that there is less of that sadness in the world. I wanted to build some kind of gesture that could really capture the heart and true meaning behind a gift. The best gift I ever received was growth and although it's important to tend to our own garden, it's important to encourage the growth of your friends and family too. 


Gifting a Seed a Smile box is more than just a 'thought' it's a personalised gift that grows with you. As you plant, sow & tend to your gift, you'll think of 'them' every single time. So special right? And you best believe there's a lot of my love poured into every little part of this gift. I believe in gifting smiles that stand the test of time. I'm here to have a laugh & share a couple of puns, but more importantly I'm here to help you remind your loved ones of just how loved they really are!

My passion for planting healthy and sustaining seeds runs deep, so much so, 5% of every sale will go towards getting LIVIN's LIVINWell programs to reach as many ears as possible. A mental health education and stigma reduction program. 


Thanks for coming here!


Smiles, let's spread 'em!


Karlee xx 

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